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Screw-Saver is the best way to keep your screwdrivers in top condition. It is fast, compact, and easy to use.

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Slotted Screwdriver

Bring the edge of a slotted screwdriver down to an evenly ground finish.

Hex Head

With Screw-Saver you can resize a hex head driver.

Square Drive

Change the dimensions of a square head screwdriver


Quality American Made

Screw-Saver was designed to simply and easily modify a standard flathead or hex screwdriver. Remove a stripped hex screw by making an oversized driver. Perfectly match any flathead screw. For most people a flathead screwdriver probably remains the same size as when they purchased it. Yet, many wish it could be just a little thinner. When this is the case, if you attempt to make the change with a grinder the result is often less than perfect. It can be frustrating for even the best metalworkers to grind down a screwdriver. Now, with Screw-Saver, the job is easy. Simply insert your screwdriver into the chuck, set in place, make the correct adjustment, then cut. With micro adjustments you can fine tune your project.

Why Choose Screw-Saver

Quality Built

We’re focused bringing only the finest quality to our customers


The Patented Screw-Saver is made with professionals from all industries in mind


Clear polycarbinate covers grinding area. Driver is securely held in place while grinding

Best materials

USA made anodized aluminum construction with variable speed motor

Multi Industry

Screw-Saver can be used in a variety of industries such as aerospace, robotics, mechanics, gunsmithing, horology, and more

Increase Production

Sharpening a screwdriver by hand with a grinder is slow and innacurate. Screw-Saver is simply superior and avoids destructive alternatives when removing a fastener

Turnkey Ready

Our machines arrive ready to use with minimal setup

Fast delivery

We fulfill orders quickly - in stock and ready to ship


Screw-Saver works within tight tolerances.

± 0.001
Even thickness on Standard Screwdriver



Machine Details

Customize Screwdrivers

Use Screw-Saver to make your own slotted, hex, or square screwdriver

Make a Flat-Head Screwdriver

Modify a Slotted Screwdriver – a Gunsmith’s Dream

Custom Make Hex and Square Drive

Custom Make a Hex Head and Square Driver Screwdriver

Made in the USA

Screw-Saver is Proudly Made in the USA

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